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The Blues Dance World

This site is meant to be a portal to resources serving the very broadly defined blues dance world, encompassing pretty much anything that's been called blues dance or that has largely branched out from there. We want to get people out dancing. Here's a few global resources that might help, including some groups and recurring events that aren't pinned down to any particular location.

World: DanceCal

  • DanceCal.com


    A pretty comprehensive calendar of major dance events worldwide

World: Swing Planit

  • SwingPlanit

    Swing Planit

    Catches a few events that DanceCal doesn't

World: Social Dance Network

World: International Blues Dancers

  • International Blues Dancers
    Camera Albert & B.B. King

    International Blues Dancers

World: Fusion Talking Points

World: Blues Dancers of the World

World: Dance Air

World: International Fusion Dancers

World: The (Alt) Blues Recess Contingent

World: Local Teachers Contacts